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About Copeland Law, LLC

Committed to the very best legal services to healthcare providers.
The firm concentrates in two main legal areas:

    Hospital Medical Staff Proceedings.

        Legal services in in this area include:

            Serving as hearing officer in fair hearings regarding medical staff disciplinary proceedings. This service includes preparing the hearing officer report, to include findings of fact, analysis and recommendations. 
             Where the medical staff desires to utilize a hearing panel, serving as independent counsel to the hearing panel. This service includes drafting the panel findings, recommendations and report.
         •     Advising the Medical Executive Committee in fair hearings before hearing officers and hearing panels.
            Serving as legal counsel to hospital management, medical staff leadership, and medical staff peer review committees regarding peer review and corrective action activities. This service includes drafting fair hearing plans and advising on reporting requirements.
        •      Presenting continuing medical education presentations to the medical staff leaders regarding medical peer review.

    Health Care Fraud and Abuse Issues. 

        Legal services in in this area include:

            Serving as legal counsel to providers in activities involving health care False Claims Act issues. Mr. Copeland has served as lead counsel in several False Claims Act cases.
            Providing advice and review on matters where the Anti-Kickback Statute and/or Stark are potential issues.
            Advising health care clients with regard to developing and maintaining compliance programs.
            Advising health care clients on physician joint ventures, physician contracting, physician recruiting and Medicare and Medicaid issues.

    Mr. Copeland has a state wide practice in medical staff issues, medical staff hearings, health care arbitration and fraud and abuse issues. And he is also willing to travel out of state to serve as hearing officer or arbitrator regarding these issues. Call 513-290-2458 and he will get right back to you.

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